#schussing for 50% off the price


Nothing has been yet so cheap! For the first time in the history of our resort, the ski ticket prices during low season are getting reduced by half. No, it is not a mistake – exactly a half. Read the details about it below!

We know that the beginning of the ski season and its final weeks are very special times for all skiers and snowboarders. First of all, after many long months of being winter-deprived we are all thirsty for some #schussing action. Second, we impatiently await to see the first snowfall so we can finally be back on the ski slopes. Nevertheless, when March comes lurking around, we become fully aware of the inevitably approaching doom – spring. During this time, we try to take advantage of the situation by using it to the maximum and schuss and slide every possible moment. And this is the reason why, we have just decided to create a very special deal for the 2019/2020 season:

#schussing for 50% off the price

A couple of important things to mention before everything:

The very special deal is valid during the LOW SEASON only

in other words, it starts on the very first #schussing day until December 20th 2019

as well as it is valid from March 9th 2020 until the very last day of the ski season.

Detailed price list:

   SKI PASS TYPE*      Full-Price Ticket        Half-Price Ticket  
3-DAY PASS 135 PLN 110 PLN
4-DAY PASS 175 PLN 145 PLN
5-DAY PASS 215 PLN 180 PLN
6-DAY PASS 245 PLN 205 PLN

All of the ski passes are can be used between 9:00 a.m. and 9:00 p.m.!

*hourly tickets and nighttime passes are available in the standard offer

All of the very special deal ski passes can be purchased at every ticket office in Zieleniec SKI Arena during the low season.
No prior reservation is required.


Well, as you can observe in the table above, during the low season you will have this fantastic opportunity to experience all of the attractions offered by Zieleniec Ski Arena from just 40 PLN (for full-price passes) and 34 PLN (for half-price passes) per day when you buy a 6-day pass. You really have to admit that you have not seen prices being so cheap yet, not to mention that the sole idea of spending almost the entire week skiing and/or snowboarding is really interesting!

The number of the special deal ski passes
 #schussing for 50%

is subject to availability!

The only thing that is subject to availability is the time itself as the offer is available during the low season only.


This is the reason why, you are more than welcome to Zieleniec, especially during the low season. We are really hoping that our special #schussing campaign of 50% off the price (which is going to take place at the time in question) will be one of the many reasons encouraging you to pay a visit to one of the largest ski resorts in Poland.

Seize the opportunity and get the very most out of the ski season!