Cycling routes

Location of Zieleniec is one of its major advantages. Due to the lay out of the land, in winter it becomes one of the most important mountain biking resorts in the Sudetes.  Dozens of kilometres of trails along the Orlickie Mountains (also on the Czech side) or Bystrzyckie Mountains, with extremely varied levels of difficulty, give almost unlimited possibilities to cyclists of all ages.

However, Zieleniec and its immediate surroundings are areas perfectly suitable not only for mountain biking, but also for its variety – road bicycle racing. However, it is worth to remember that due to numerous uphills the routes are extremely demanding. For instance, stretches leading to Spalona shelter or the route to Duszniki-Zdrój and back could easily be regarded as mountain stages of bicycle races.

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Szczyty Zieleniec

Długość: 3,5 km    Różnica wysokości: 161 m


Długość: 6 km    Różnica wysokości: 100 m

Kamień Rubascha - Velka Destna

Długość: 14 km    Różnica wysokości: 180 m

Kamień Rubascha - Orlica - Masarykowa Chata

Długość: 10,14 km    Różnica wysokości: 148 m